Navigating Pastoral Transitions: A Priest's Guide

(Graziano Marcheschi). Liturgical Press, 2013.
Large navigating pastoral transitions

Author and church leader Graziano Marcheschi edits this booklet that is one of three interrelated Roman Catholic resources that offer practical suggestions for managing pastoral transitions. Among other things, Marcheschi suggests that incoming priests forge relationships with other resident clergy or sitting deacons and meet with all the staff members at the new parish, as well as the previous or outgoing priest. Marcheschi includes a list of questions for the new priest to ask at his new parish to help him understand how it has worked historically. Quotes from scripture and from priests interviewed about their transition experiences are sprinkled throughout. This resource is intended to be used with Navigating Pastoral Transitions: A Parish Leader's Guide and Navigating Pastoral Transitions: A Staff Guide. This work is written specifically for Catholic priests, though clergy persons from other traditions will find some of the suggestions applicable for their contexts.