Network of Biblical Storytellers International (NBS)

Indianapolis, IN. (800) 355-6627.
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“Long before the narratives of the Bible became ‘scripture’ they existed in oral form as stories … passed down from generation to generation.” In a culture that increasingly relies on spoken rather than written forms of communication, there are times when scripture is best communicated orally. The Network of Biblical Storytellers (NBS) is dedicated to fostering the practice of oral scripture presentation. The organization’s keystone event is an annual conference, Festival Gathering, whose stated goal is to encourage “everyone to learn and tell biblical stories.” The organization also has a scholarly arm, the NBS Seminar. The Seminar brings together “scholarly storytellers and storytelling scholars” to build an academic foundation for the oral tradition. The website offers an array of free resources, including video performances and transcripts. The NBS is a source of inspiration, instruction and support for anyone interested in the reclamation of the oral tradition for today.