Next: Pastoral Succession That Works

by William Vanderbloemen, Warren Bird. Baker Books, 2014.
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In collaboration with author and seminary instructor Warren Bird, William Vanderbloemen unites his seminary training with his pastoral and human resources experience to offer a fresh perspective on clergy succession. The authors’ extensive research ultimately leads them to recommend intentional conversations between sitting clergy and their congregations that address contextual questions. They further believe that “all pastors are interim pastors,” a philosophical tidbit that informs their work. Successful and “failed successions,” the challenge with founding pastors, how to embrace next-generation leaders, strategies for long-term thinking and planning, and how to help a new clergyperson have a successful first 100 days are just a few of the topics addressed. Biblical examples, case studies, and interview results are sprinkled throughout. Four appendices, additional resources, and an index conclude the book. This user-friendly resource is written for Christian leaders, but the succession philosophy and method will work for a variety of religious traditions.