On Living in a Dying Church

by Glenda W. Prins. Alban at Duke Divinity School, 2008. Accessed April 14, 2017.

Inspired by the similarities she observed in the death of her father and the decline of her congregation, Alban Institute writer Glenda Prins provides a deeply pastoral examination of the parallels she witnessed between hospice ministry for a person and hospice ministry for a church. This resource will be particularly valuable as a small group study and discussion guide for church members to get in touch with the spiritual and emotional dynamics of living in a dying church. Prins reminds readers that members of a dying church need care and love, that witnessing resurrection requires witnessing death, that time of death cannot be predicted precisely, and that the church is alive until it dies. The concluding reflection questions will assist individuals or groups in applying the spiritual and emotional truths of the article to themselves and their own churches.