More Organizations
Hartford Institute for Religion Research
This organization provides scholarly research and resources about a variety of topics related to religion, from trends in American religion to the role of clergy in congregations.
Greater Orlando Baptist Association
This organization hosts an annual Renovate Conference as well as many online resources focused on church renewal.
Center For Church Communication
This organization provides coaching and mentoring for congregations to use communication as an evangelism tool.
Kids Hope USA
This organization connects congregations with at-risk children for mentorship opportunities.
International Network of Children's Ministry
This organization provides resources for and fosters connections among children's ministry leaders at the local, regional, and national level.
The Church Network
This comprehensive administration website compiles vast resources covering 14 domains of knowledge.
CapinCrouse, LLP
This company offers consulting on a wide range of accounting, financial, and management topics, including providing financial audits.
McIntosh Church Growth Network
This organization provides consulting and online resources focused on a variety of topics, from visitor retention and congregational growth to leadership strategies.
This website provides tools and strategies to train and send evangelists to fulfill the Great Commission.
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