More Organizations
The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
This organization provides a free suicide prevention lifeline that offers support for those in a suicide crisis 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
The Missional Network
This organization provides extensive resources and consulting to promote missional church insights among congregations changing from being church-oriented to community-oriented.
The Immigration Alliance
The Immigration Alliance seeks to cultivate relationships among immigrants and churches by providing congregations with training regarding immigration legal services and counseling.
Search Institute: Discovering What Kids Need to Succeed
This organization provides research and resources for congregations that help young people develop social and emotional skills for success.
The Church Network
This comprehensive administration website compiles vast resources covering 14 domains of knowledge.
The Chalmers Center
This organization trains local churches to empower poor communities to overcome cycles of poverty while pointing them to Jesus Christ.
The Academy for Spiritual Formation
This organization hosts a 5-day and 2-year training program focused on spiritual formation, practicing spiritual rhythms, and building a deeper relationship with God.
Small Church Pastor
This organization provides coaching, consulting, and free online resources for leaders of small congregations.
This organization equips churches to create disciples through small groups at homes, moving from Sunday programming to everyday life.
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