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Cool Solutions Group
This company assists congregations in planning, building, and managing their buildings and facilities.
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Church Music Institute
This organization is dedicated to holistically promoting the health of church music in worship by lifting up its importance and providing practical educational experiences for church musicians, clergy, and lay people.
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Church IT Network
This online community allows information technology staff to communicate, share advice, learn about upcoming events, and ask questions about any topics related to congregational technology.
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Church Growth Services
This consultant group assists congregations with fundraising and capital campaigns, with emphasis on pre-capital campaign studies. They also offer guidance in building renovations and debt reduction.
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Church for Men
This organization provides resources that help congregations reach more men and boys, such as articles, blog posts, consulting, and training events.
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Church Administrators Yahoo Group
This online discussion group allows members to ask questions and receive advice from over 3,500 church administrators on any topic, ranging from software packages to gaining volunteer interest.
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Christian Stewardship Network
This organization aims to connect stewardship pastors and congregational leaders through an annual three-day training workshop, online resources, white papers, and training resources.
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Central Conference of American Rabbis (CCAR)
This organization empowers Rabbis by offering a variety of practical services such as leadership initiatives, in-person seminars, Torah study opportunities, professional development, and mentoring.
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Center for Congregational Health, Inc.
This organization provides consulting and leadership training in a wide variety of areas, including an interim ministry training and clearing house program.
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