More Organizations
Apprentice Institute for Christian Spiritual Formation
This organization offers resources such as a conference, blog posts, and a curriculum focused on the topics of spiritual formation, discipleship, and becoming an apprentice of Christ.
Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation
This organization offers a wide variety of programs and resources for individuals who want to open themselves more fully to God. Offerings include conferences, e-courses, and group pilgrimages to a holy site.
Institute for Jewish Spirituality
This organization provides practice-based learning cohorts, retreats, and leadership training for Jewish leaders and lay leaders.
This organization provides online resources, group discussions, and courses that focus on the basics of Christianity and Christian spirituality.
Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)
The Society for Human Resource Management website archives articles, studies, and sample forms dedicated to human resources, and includes issues specific to faith-based organizations.
Center for Courage & Renewal
This organization offers programs for clergy and other religious leaders to integrate who they are with what they do. The primary program Circles of Trust provides learning spaces for congregational leaders to reflect.
Lott Carey
This organization offers leadership development and educational resources focused on learning about a variety of social issues such as homelessness, human trafficking, and disaster response.
Special Touch Ministry, Inc.
This congregation has a wide variety of resources, including retreats, conferences, and consulting, for providing faith-based support for people with disabilities.
Christian Community Development Association
This organization provides resources and training to Christian congregations who want to connect with and help develop under-resourced communities.
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