Out of Silence: Emerging Themes in Asian American Churches

by Fumitaka Matsuoko. Wipf and Stock, 2009.
Large out of silence

Like three sides of a triangle that form one shape, three district parts of the Asian American church in North American shape its past, present, and future. Fumitaka Matsaoko, Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley, CA, considers three types of Asian American churches and concludes that the best model is the multicultural congregation. Section One looks at churches formed by Asian immigrants and their role as social agencies to help newcomers assimilate in a new society. Part Two addresses the establishment of churches to maintain culture, history, and language based on ancestry: Chinese-American, Filipino-American, Japanese-American, and Korean-American. Section Three proposes an inclusive church as a model for community building among Asian Americans as well as Christians of all cultures. Data for the book is based on interviews, research, and surveys and offers a practical guide for evangelism among Asian Americans as well as other multicultural faith communities.

Curated by Phyllis Wezeman

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