Overview of the Strategic Planning Process

Erica Olsen. Video. 4:47. September 05, 2012.
Large overview of the strategic planning process

Are you looking for a quick overview of strategic planning and a way to make sense of terms like mission, vision, strategies, objectives, SMART goals, and action plans? See the full strategic planning process illustrated on a white board in less than five minutes by Erica Olsen. While this tutorial uses the language of business, it is relevant to congregations and will help you understand the importance of defining your direction and developing an effective strategic plan that can be used to communicate priorities to your staff, your congregation, and your community. Author of Strategic Planning Kit for Dummies, Olsen and her colleagues have helped churches develop, communicate, and track their goals and actions using the process outlined in the video. Access to the video requires submission of your name and email address.

Curator Curated by Sandra Herron

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