Parish Size: Categories, Dynamics, and Issues

Shaping the Parish. Accessed November 30, 2017.
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Certain needs develop when your congregation grows. This article will help you identify those needs. And then do something about them. When your congregation grows there is more need for formal planning, more need for procedures, more need for coordination and so forth. Written from an Episcopalian point of view (that can easily be adapted), the author Robert Gallagher describes these and other needs in a clear manner. Mr. Gallagher serves an organization called Congregational Development (see {{congregational |}}). Smaller congregations can depend on their relationships to foster trust. As your congregation grows, it is helpful if there are other means to reinforce trust among leaders and congregants. This is another example of the kind of insight you will gain from this article. At the end, there is a helpful reminder that as you plan for growth, don’t go too far the other way. That is, don’t start wearing shoes too big for your existing size too soon. It is helpful, practical advice like this that makes this article a solid resource about the needs that you will encounter as your congregation grows.