Pastor, Staff, and Committee Job Description Book

Mississippi Baptist Convention Board.
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Job and committee descriptions are a critical link between a congregation’s vision and strategic plan and implementation. Some may feel a natural resistance to the perceived restrictions that job descriptions present. Yet it’s the very setting of boundaries for the work of employees and volunteers that ensures that tasks can be accomplished effectively and efficiently. A job description helps the congregation communicate specific expectations and responsibilities to clergy, staff, officers, committee chairs, and all types of volunteers. There are many different ways of structuring for ministry, and the book begins with sample organization charts. Outlines of the principal function and sample job responsibilities for 22 sample ministry positions follow. Also included are 32 sample committee descriptions and sample job descriptions for four types of congregational officers. Among the additional useful sections are suggestions for strengthening a committee and a list of suggested contents of both a personnel policy handbook and an individual personnel file. Authored by the Mississippi Baptist Convention Board, the polity and language reflect the Baptist tradition. However, these tools can be easily adapted for use by any congregation. Be sure to check your denomination for similar resources.