Pilgrimage into the Last Third of Life: 7 Gateways to Spiritual Growth

by Jane Marie Thibault, Richard L. Morgan. Upper Room Books, 2012.

Growing old needn’t be feared. In fact, the age of 60 and beyond can be ripe with purpose and joy if approached as a journey in spiritual growth. Senior adult experts, Thibault and Morgan, at ages 65 and 83 respectively, speak from personal as well as professional experience. With a focus on finding the blessing in life during the later years while remaining firmly rooted in reality, Pilgrimage into the Last Third of Life points to seven paths to a flourishing old age. The meditations address issues such as facing aging and death and living with limitations, then point the way to deeper understanding. Each chapter draws on the resources of scripture, the authors’ experience, and wisdom from mystics and other spiritual forebears, and includes questions for reflection. Pilgrimage can be used by individuals or as a seven-week small group study.