Plan 4 It: The 4 Essential Master Plans for Every Church

by Tim Cool. Rainer Publishing, 2015.
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When a building project is on the congregation’s horizon, the first thing leaders should do is create a solid plan. In fact, according to church facility guru Tim Cool, they need to make four plans: Ministry, Financial, Facility and Sustainability. Cool walks us through the details, one phase at a time. Along the way, he advises strategic use of outside resources, such as facilitators and area experts. The ministry assessment assures that the congregation’s ministries align with its sense of what God is calling it to be and do. Financial assessment explores what resources are available to pay for the project. The facility assessment examines the condition of the physical plant and the way space is used, providing guidance on how much and what kind of space is needed. Finally, the sustainability plan provides for long term maintenance expenses. Project leaders and staff will appreciate Cool’s insights and practical guidance.