Planned Giving Simplified: The Gift, the Giver, and the Gift Planner

by Robert F. Sharpe, Sr. John Wiley & Sons, 1999.
Large planned giving simplified

For-profit and nonprofit institutions looking to create a gift giving component for their organization will find this a valuable resource. Written by the founder of the National Planned Giving Institute, this book takes a holistic view of the process, constantly emphasizing the relational factors that exist when gift, giver and gift planner come together. It starts with understanding the various kinds of planned gifts that can be offered. Next is a look at who planned givers are, why they wish to give, and what they wish to keep. Matching these motivations with the right kind of gift planner is beneficial and can make a difference in choosing a CPA, attorney, financial planner, etc. Financial plans and emotional considerations must be held in a respectful balance. If a gift giving component is added to an organization, it is vital to know how boards of trustees, CEOs, and other managers can play important roles in making a planned giving program succeed.