Playbook for Christian Manhood: 12 Key Plays for Black Teen Boys

by James C. Perkins. (Jean Alicia Elster). Judson Press, 2008.
Large playbook for christian manhood

The game of football provides the conceptual framework for this practical guide to growing up, written by a veteran minister with a passion for today’s youth. With the authority of an experienced coach and a lifetime’s worth of wisdom, Playbook guides young teens on an exploration of such coming-of-age issues as identity formation, dating, character development, and dealing with parents. Each of twelve chapters is a stand-alone session that introduces the topic, identifies obstacles, shares inspiration, offers practical tools, opens scripture, and closes with a journal section featuring questions and space for written reflection. The book can be used by individuals or in small groups. Its lessons are addressed to black teens but any young man grappling with the challenges of growing up male in American society could find them beneficial.

Curated by Marie F. Fleming

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