PovertyCure: From Aid to Enterprise

Grand Rapids, MI. (317) 643-1679.
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PovertyCure is an international network of organizations and individuals who have joined together to “rethink poverty.” They promote solutions that encourage opportunity and foster the entrepreneurial capacity that already exists in poor communities. Their work is informed by four core values: sound economics, local knowledge, the lessons of history, and reflections from the Judeo-Christian tradition. They offer resources that move beyond assistance to partnership with those who are poor. The website provides contact information of all member organizations and a library of books, seminars, videos, blogs, and DVD series. A sampling of available titles and formats include: “Urban Ministry and Development” (available via YouTube), “Myths Christians Believe about Wealth:” (CD), “The Church and Urban Education” (online seminar), “Rethink Poverty - 6 Episodes to Jump-Start the Conversation” (DVD series), and “Business as Mission” (blog). Some resources are free and many are very low cost. PovertyCure’s approach to poverty will be particularly useful for congregations seeking to clarify their values and approach to serving the poor.