Presbyterian Foundation

Jeffersonville, IN. (800) 858-6127.
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The Presbyterian Foundation “…cultivates, attracts, and manages financial resources of individuals and institutions to serve Christ’s mission.” As a significant part of that work, their Stewardship Resource Center offers support for congregations around all types of stewardship activity. They provide a “Ministry Tool Box” for investments, planned giving, capital campaigns, and personal finance, as well as annual stewardship resources. Ministry Relations Officers are assigned to each region of the church in the United States, and their charge is to work with congregations and leaders to cultivate generosity. The Presbyterian Foundation also offer a “financial health assessment” for PCUSA congregations, as well as a variety of seminars, workshops, and events, often in partnership with a synod. One distinctive resource addresses the stewardship of church buildings and communities in transition; called {{“Project Regeneration" |}}, this unique project offers guidance to Presbyterian congregations facing tough choices about facility and purpose. Consult your own denominational body for resources specific to your tradition.