Principled Ministry: A Guidebook for Catholic Church Leaders

by Loughlan Sofield , Carroll Juliano . Ave Maria Press, 2011.
Large principled ministry

Sofield and Juliano are teachers and trainers in leadership for Roman Catholic congregations, offering years of experience in this guide of including 30 leadership principles organized in four categories: The Self-Defined Leader; The Discerning Leader; Tasks, Functions, Roles and Skills of Principled Ministry; The Leader as Change Agent. The entire book will assist Roman Catholic leaders in addressing situations of change and conflict, but several of the 30 principles are particularly relevant for managing conflict: be comfortable with conflict; assess the desire and capacity of others to change; learn to deal with difficult people; recognize resistance as a normal dynamic; create a climate that fosters dialogue. Each ‘principle’ section is a few pages long and closes with both a negative and a positive example of that principle, together with a “stop and think” series of questions for reflection. The book’s introduction grounds the work in scripture and tradition, discussing Jesus as the “pre-eminent model for church leadership”. The book’s closing provides a method for tracking personal reflection and progress. This book is a valuable resource for leaders of Roman Catholic parishes.

Author Curated by Wendy McCormick

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