Protestant Latino Worship Practices Resource Guide

by Jaime Lazaro. Calvin Institute of Christian Worship, August 12, 2013. Accessed July 2, 2019.
Large protestant latino worship practices resource guide

Nine articles in this resource guide, presented in English and Spanish, feature interviews with Protestant North American Latino worship leaders, pastors, and musicians. The collection offers insight into the pulse of this diverse ethnic community, discusses topics like praise and worship, and promotes understanding of common themes within varied faith traditions. Contributors and topics include: Musician/Pastor Luis Enrique Espinosa, “Commercialization generates music with ‘massage’ instead of message”; Pastor, Singer, Song Writer Doris Machin, “It is not one’s gender but one’s heart that defines one’s work in the Lord”; Singer Ingrid Rosario, “Transcending cultural and social barriers”; Musician Marcus Witt, “On the change in music and lyrics of worship among Hispanics.” Jaime Lazaro, a pastor and journalist from Colorado Spring, Colorado, conducted the interviews and Juan Francisco Martinez, a historian, practical theologian, and seminary professor from Pasadena, CA, served as consultant to the project coordinated by the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship.

Curator Curated by Phyllis Wezeman

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