More Public Ministry

This peace center equips leaders in Korean and Asian-American churches to act toward unity,...
Hospitality, Service, Proclamation: Interfaith Engagement as Christian Discipleship
This book addresses the Biblical “ why” and then “ how” to do...
Empathy and Anti Racism
This interview shares life experiences of a Sikh man and how to find shared humanity,...
This Baltimore organization supports Black Wealth by mobilizing the community, congregrations,...
God and Race: A Guide for Moving Beyond Black Fists and White Knuckles
This book models how to start necessary conversations about race, encourage unity, and foster...
God and Race (study guide plus streaming video)
The study guide and short videos are a non-threatening way to dialog about race and faith....
web resource
Nice White Parents
This 5-episode series reports racial injustices in school systems and how parents contribute...
10 Back-to-School Outreach Ideas for Your Church
This article lists several back-to-school activities that engage both the congregation and...
Chasing Sacred Air: A Common Sense Guide to Energy Efficiency in Sacred Buildings
This resource helps congregations take the first steps towards becoming more energy efficient...
Cultivating Nonviolence, Harvesting Peace
This training prepares participants to respond to personal and societal conflict with...
Seeking God's Kingdom Through Nonviolent Direct Action
This video articulates ways Christians can use nonviolent direct action to stand against...
The 4 NVC Steps Made Simple
This video outlines basic steps and principles for nonviolent communication (NVC).
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