PURE Ministries

Gainesville, GA. (678) 318-1929.
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PURE Ministries (Perfectly created by a loving sovereign God; Unique in his or her own gifts, blessings, talents, desires, and contributions; Receptive and responsive to communication, touch and acts of love; Eternal: there are no disabled souls) seeks to promote an awareness among Christians of the need for welcoming people with disabilities and their families through the local church. They help churches gain awareness of and become better able to minister to people with special needs and their families. They do this by speaking/preaching in churches, PURE Celebrations, conferences, and conducting practical PURE Next Step Gatherings to help churches start and grow vibrant PURE ministries. PURE’s focus is local church leaders, both laity and clergy, and offers The PURE Ministry Network, which allows leaders to connect with churches and organizations across the nation working to reach families affected by disability. The PURE Ministries QuickStart Guide (a free download from the website) includes step-by-step strategies for building and/or growing successful activities that minister to people with disabilities and their families.