Pursuing the Full Kingdom Potential of Your Congregation

by George W. Bullard Jr. Chalice Press, 2005.
Large full kingdom

This book equips churches with the tools needed to start a journey towards discovering their full potential. It will be helpful for congregations who are in transition, stymied by a lack of growth, who lack vitality, or are preparing to engage in a strategic planning process.

Offerings: how churches can reach their full potential, stages of congregational development, preparing for a transition

Best For: clergy and lay leaders

Cost: purchase as a book

Suggested Uses:

  • Identify the potential pitfalls during a journey towards potential by reading this book with congregational leaders before engaging in a strategic planning process.
  • Establish where your congregation is in the life cycle of congregational development to see if there is untapped potential remaining.

Curator Curated by Beth Booram

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