Redesigning Worship: Creating Powerful God Experiences

by Kim Miller. Abingdon Press, 2009.
Large redesigning worship

This book begins with the author stating, “I’ve always had worship dreams.” Her dreams have served her ministry well, especially as addressed through this book which covers many topics related to contemporary worship. The author covers functional topics such as the anatomy of a worship design team meeting, providing multisensory worship experiences, styling the stage and creating powerful prayers. The book’s empirical source is Ginghamsburg United Methodist Church located north of Dayton, Ohio, where the author serves as Campus Designer. The author ends the book with four mantras that have guided her in worship planning. She thoroughly describes each mantra. They are “Work in the package God has given you;” “Tell the truth;” “Do the right thing, not the expected thing;” “Go in God’s authority.” She writes, “We don’t want to meet our Maker only to find out what God could have done through our lives if we hadn’t played it safe.” Such comments reveal the book as a not only a helpful worship companion but a durable voice for life wisdom, too.

Author Curated by Tim Shapiro

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