Reimagining Faith Formation for the 21st Century: Engaging All Ages and Generations

by John Roberto. Lifelong Faith Associates, LLC, 2015.

“Connected - Lifelong - Interactive - Holistic”. These are a few of the descriptors for the ecosystem of faith formation imagined by researcher and teacher, John Roberto. Drawing upon years of exploration among a broad range of congregations, Roberto provides both a conceptual framework and practical insights. Specifically, he advocates an approach to faith formation that is relational and contextual. Among the components he identifies as essential are intergenerational interactions, age- and stage-specific connections, and the use of online and digital ministry tools. Ecosystem is an apt term, as the author provides a roadmap for recognizing and nurturing interconnections in all times and places. This timely offering is directed to leaders who want to understand and implement effective ministry strategies for a changing church and world. It can be used for individual, small group and peer group study.