Reinventing Sunday

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Brad Berglund is the author of Reinventing Sunday: Breakthrough ideas for Transforming Worship and the proprietor of this web site, which features numerous resources related to Taizé worship. Brad is a skilled Taizé worship leader and consultant who offers retreat weekends around the country using the style of Taizé worship; leads workshops providing instruction on the use of Taizé worship; and hosts pilgrimages to Taizé, France. On his web site, visitors will learn about the history of the Taizé community and will view samples of Berglund’s workshop topics. Also included is a free downloadable chapter from his book, Reinventing Sundays on Taize’ worship. If you are a worship leader in a local church looking for practical help in developing this worship form in your congregation, you will find the Reinventing Sunday website, book and Brad Berglund a worthwhile resource to learn from.