Relating to Contractors

Center for Congregations, 2016. Accessed November 30, 2017.
Large relating to contractors

When it comes to congregational building projects, having a fruitful working relationship with the contractor ranks among the most important keys to success. This two-page guide from congregational experts offers commonsense tips and tools to get the relationship (and project) off to a solid start and proceed to a satisfactory finish. Learn how to find the right contractor and why it is important to get him or her involved early in the process. Gain insights on minimizing mistakes and managing surprises by establishing structures for decision-making, communications, accountability, and more. Pithy subject headings such as “Make a list and check it twice” (on keeping track of ongoing questions and issues) help to mitigate the intimidation factor for the inexperienced. Practical and accessible, “Relating to Contractors” is for building committees, leadership teams, and interested laity.