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Religion News LLC. Accessed November 26, 2018.
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The website associated with the Religion News Service (RNS) strives to be a single source of news about religion. Its purpose is to inform civic conversation on matters relating to belief. RNS is based at the University of Missouri School Of Journalism. It promotes the basic value that religious literacy is an important aspect of effective citizenship. Non-sectarian, it covers a broad range of topics. The posts on the website are timely and cover stories from other news sources, but provide a religious context that is often missing from other forms of media. Particular subjects addressed include news about religion and politics, culture, ethics, beliefs and institutions. The archive is extensive. This website also has a comprehensive calendar that posts significant religious holidays, as well as denominational events. A team of nine bloggers provide insight and opinion beyond the objective news stories. Partners include a variety of news outlets, including USA Today.

Reviewed by Tim Shapiro

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