Remembering Well: Rituals for Celebrating Life and Mourning Death

by Sarah York, Deborah Squier. (John Garcia). Apollo Ranch Institute Press, 2012.
Large remembering well

This book offers anyone who has or will ever suffer through the death of someone they loved ways to plan services and rituals that honor the spirit of the deceased. “This includes those who wish to give new meaning to the time-honored rituals of their faith as well as those who have broken with tradition.” This is not a textbook, but a collection of examples, practical guidelines, and stories expressing love and loss, tenderness and tension that may evoke painful thoughts and memories of grief and compassion. It is “an essential resource for all who yearn to put death in a spiritual context but are unsure how to do so.” Sarah York is a Unitarian Universalist Minister, who has been involved in planning many funerals and memorial services.

Curated by Marsha McDaniel

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