Renewing Worship

Blog. Kenny Lamm. Baptist State Convention of North Carolina. Accessed June 26, 2019.
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This active blog has new posts at least once a week. It covers a variety of subjects including worship planning, media, church year, contemporary worship, and song selection. The site is associated with the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina and Kenny Lamm, who serves as their senior consultant for worship and music. The resource would most readily appeal to Baptist, non-denominational, evangelical congregations that seek to enhance their worship by equipping leaders of worship teams. The videoblog and article titled “What Style of Worship is Appropriate for My Church” defines eight styles while noting ways to determine the best style(s) for your congregation. The eight styles include traditional, blended, liturgical, contemporary, unified, gospel, ancient-future and contemplative. Another blog series includes hints and helps regarding leading contemporary worship without a full music band, a helpful guide for smaller congregations. The writer provides comprehensive information about music copyright issues. This blog is one that clergy and lay worship teams should find equally helpful.

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