Renovation or New Construction: From Dreams to Planning to Committees

Disciples Church Extension Fund. Accessed November 30, 2017.
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“It wouldn’t make sense to build a soccer field if our ministry is basketball.” This 12-page guide from Disciples Extension Fund is written with non-experts in mind. The planning and building process is broken down into manageable steps. It begins with ministry and facility assessments to determine what project, if any, is needed. Next, master site planning is explained, followed by tips on recruiting a building committee. A lot of space is dedicated to choosing and working with architects and contractors. Will you hire an architect first, then a contractor? Hire them both at the same time? Do you want a design-build firm that does it all? What questions should you ask potential hires? Finally, there is advice on volunteer labor, contracts, mechanical systems, and even things to think about regarding furnishings and interior design. This free article would be useful to congregations contemplating a ministry-driven building or remodeling project.