Right Here, Right Now: Everyday Mission for Everyday People

by Alan Hirsch, Lance Ford. Baker Books, 2011.

The Shapeline Missional Series seeks to invite readers to seize the possibilities of embracing a comprehensive missional church perspective: church planting, urban mission, evangelism and social justice. Their work is organized around three principles: living out the gospel message, learning missional orthodoxy, and leading by using tools that work. Allen Hirsch and co-author Lance Ford have re-issued this classic 1969 work as a part of the Shapeline Series. There are two sections in the book. The first deals with an invitation to the present (Right Here). How can the Christian view daily life within a missional perspective? Hirsch suggests putting one’s eye and heart into a missionary’s paradigm. This creates actions of grace. This is followed by specific ideas for adopting a missional lifestyle. Section Two (Right Now) deals with specific issues of missional practice: Christian learning, hospitality, thinking outside the church, church planting and watering. The final chapter is a debriefing. It contains several issues, but congregational leaders might specifically find the comments on “risk aversion” and “sustainability” particularly helpful.