Rural Church Network of the United States and Canada

Accessed November 30, 2017.
Large rural church network

Rural Church Network provides space for congregational leaders in rural communities to share ideas and gather information about rural life and ministry to improve and enhance the lives of church members and their neighbors. Ministry topics include worship, “The Environment,” and female-led ministry. The “Books and Communication” ministry section has two lengthy book lists on topics from the practical to the spiritual. Links to ecumenical and interfaith groups, several seminaries, and other organizations, such as the Center for Rural Affairs are also available. The resource section has an article titled “Setting Up a Business in a Rural Context” and a link to “The Atlas of Rural and Small-Town America.” The “Atlas” is a United States Department of Agriculture sponsored resource that offers research data on the socio-economic factors affecting rural communities. Rural Church Network is particularly helpful for leaders new to rural and small town life and ministry.