Rural Revival: Growing Churches in Shrinking Communities

by W. Scott Moore. Eleos Press, 2012.

If you ask Southern Baptist author/pastor W. Scott Moore if rural and small-town congregations can grow, he will answer “absolutely, yes,” and he believes he has the test-case to prove it. Moore first studied several rural and small-town congregations to discover any common attributes amongst the growing churches. Moore discovered four such attributes: “God’s Presence,” “Friendliness,” “Doctrinal Position,” and “Pastor and Preaching.” Moore then tested these attributes by implementing them in a stagnant church to see if it would grow. The implementation process that Moore describes covers everything from forming and training a task force to identifying challenges to follow-up. As a result of his work, Moore concludes that numerous congregations can repeat the implementation process and experience the growth they desire. Seven appendices, including four sample sermons, are included. Moore’s work is suitable for Evangelical and other similar Christian congregations.