Safe Sanctuaries: The Church Responds to Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of Older Adults

by Joy Thornburg Melton. Discipleship Resources, 2012.
Large safe sanctuaries

Elder abuse can happen to anyone who relies on another person or institution for some aspect of their care. Along with the overall elder population, its incidence is also growing. According to advocate and minister, Joy Melton, churches have a role to play in creating structures and implementing practices that protect this vulnerable group. Safe Sanctuaries gives them the information and tools they need to get started. These include case studies with conversation guides for leaders, ministry implementation strategies, and sample policies, forms and templates. The foreword by adult ministry guru Richard Gentzler makes an eloquent case for action and could serve as a stand-alone resource to introduce the issue to leaders and small groups. A resource list of organizations, books and websites offers leads for further exploration.