Safety Library: Tips, Tutorials, and Checklists to Help Manage Ministry Risks Accessed November 26, 2018.
Large safety library

For more than 90 years, Brotherhood Mutual has insured many of America’s congregations and related ministries. Over time, the firm has developed and observed many leading practices in safety and risk management. An array of these resources may be found on their website under nine category headings: Administration, Staff and Finance; Buildings and Property; Children and Youth; Disasters, Emergencies and Health; Foreign Missions and Travel; Risk Management Basics; Risk Management Forms; Risk Management Videos; and Vehicles and Drivers. In each category, you will find articles, checklists, sample tools, research, and best practices to help you protect your ministry and your people. Over a dozen on-demand webinars are also available on common issues. Examples include legal trends affecting congregations and ministries, pastoral counseling liability, child abuse reporting laws, and background screening for ministry workers. A rating feature helps users identify resources that have been of value to previous users. All resources are free, but you may be asked to provide your contact information before accessing pre-recorded webinars and some other resources.

Curated by Sandra Herron

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