Sanctifying Art: Inviting Conversation Between Artists, Theologians, and the Church

by Deborah Sokolove. Cascade Books, 2013.
Large sanctifying art

As an artist and seminary professor, Deborah Sokolove has lived in two worlds: Christianity and art. She bridges the chasm between them in this resource that puts Christianity and art into conversation. Part of the tension that Sokolove has experienced is how Christians talk about art versus how artists talk about art. Sokolove, therefore discusses concepts, such as beauty, idols, and art as a media tool. Sokolove’s exploration of what constitutes “good art” includes its relationship to biblical virtues, such as patience and perseverance. Art’s general enhancement of the human experience is examined, whether in seeking justice or in grief. Art as a vocation or spiritual discipline is addressed. Throughout, Sokolove poses ideas and questions. She offers closing thoughts on art and the church, thereby inviting artists and Christians to find common ground. This thought-provoking resource is for Christian pastors, artists, and seminary students.