Seeking God Together: An Introduction to Group Spiritual Direction

by Alice Fryling. InterVarsity Press, 2008.
Large seeking god together

Group spiritual direction is a place where individuals can experience what it means to be listened to deeply and lovingly by others, so that they in turn learn to listen more attentively to God in their daily lives. Author and seasoned spiritual director, Alice Fryling, in her book Seeking God Together, provides clear and practical instructions on how to form and conduct a spiritual direction group. In her book, she explains how to listen to and hear from God, utilize Scripture in a group, navigate different personalities, set group expectations, and ask life-giving questions. The prolific, strategic and well-worded questions Alice provides are worth the cost of the book. In the appendix, Fryling also includes several examples of opening exercises to begin a group time and a simple and easy to follow template for the group experience. Pastors and leaders from a variety of Christian traditions, especially the Evangelical tradition, will find this book a great help in equipping their congregations to create a culture of listening.

Curator Curated by Beth Booram

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