Seeking Shalom: How Reimagining Charity Can Transform Lives and Restore Communities

The Lupton Center, 2016. Accessed November 30, 2017.
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“What if we went beyond meeting needs to seeking shalom?” This 6-session, web-based curriculum brings together biblical scholars, community leaders, seasoned practitioners and those who experience poverty to “transform the charity paradigm.” From Robert Lupton’s (Toxic Charity) organization, this interactive material addresses such questions as What is Poverty? Why isn’t Charity Working? and How Do We Seek Shalom? Brian Fikkert, Walter Brueggemann and Bob Lupton are among the more than 30 presenters who contribute stories, biblical insights, personal experience and practical suggestions. Congregations wishing to explore an approach to charitable giving that enhances dignity and mutuality can begin with this study. The material can be accessed by purchasing a group license or, for individuals, by joining a public group.