Servant Evangelism

Accessed November 30, 2017.
Large servant evangelism

“Servant Evangelism” is a website and blog that contains the wisdom of Steve Sjogren. He draws on his 15 years as pastor of a Cincinnati based Vineyard congregation. The kind of evangelism that Sjogren espouses is based on kindness. Small acts of kindness draw people closer to God. After all, such acts of kindness lower defenses. It opens people to conversations, particularly conversations of gratitude. This website has many short articles about evangelism activities. If you go to the site looking for specific information, there is a search function where you can enter keywords. Regardless of the specific subject matter, you will be reading about evangelism from a specific perspective. It is a perspective that says human kindness is revelatory of God’s presence. It is a perspective that accentuates that reaching out in service is the best way to bring people into a worshiping community. The servant evangelism view is effective because it is non-pushy, emotionally safe and ultimately provides an open door for God to be active in the interactions. This resource is action-oriented. Pursue this and other works by Sjogren if you and your congregation are ready to do evangelism. This website helps you act as a missional congregation.