Seven Characteristics of Good Learners

by Maryellen Weimer. Faculty Focus. Accessed November 30, 2017.
Large 7 characteristics learners

Learning in congregations is a prerequisite to vitality and growth. Ministry teams that undertake their work with a willingness to acknowledge what they don’t know and a pursuit of learning are more likely to build their capacity to address their challenges effectively. What is it that good learners know and practice? What contributes to good learning? Maryellen Weimer, PhD, offers this short one-page guide as part of the Teaching Professor Blog Series of Faculty Focus’ Higher Education teaching strategies. While written from the perspective of individual learners in a higher education environment, this article offers pointers that could be used to develop ministry teams into communities of learning. These are the seven characteristics of good learners: 1) Good learners are curious; 2) Good learners pursue understanding diligently; 3) Good learners recognize that a lot of learning isn’t fun; 4) Good learners make knowledge their own; 5) Good learners never run out of questions; 6) Good learners share what they have learned. Weimer provides the rationale for each of these points and careful elaboration is added. What might transpire if ministry teams seeking to learn in order to fulfill their mission more effectively acknowledged these characteristics and sought to build them?