Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation

Washington, DC. (301) 897-7334.
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For 40 years, the Shalem Institute has offered a wide variety of programs and resources for individuals who want to open themselves more fully to God in their daily lives and work. In the words of Tilden Edwards, founder, Episcopal Priest and prolific author (Living in the Presence), “It is for us to provide hospitable and inspiring opportunities for people to listen and respond more boldly to the Spirit at work in them...[and] to encourage people to connect what is happening with them to God’s larger movements in the world..." Shalem’s perennial programs are designed to nurture the life and leadership of spiritual directors, prayer group and retreat facilitators and clergy. Other programs and retreats are offered on a variety of topics and relevant for individuals, small groups and congregational retreats. For those unable to travel to Washington D.C., Shalem offers e-courses on spiritual practices such as contemplative prayer. And, if you are looking for a more radical experience, consider taking a group from your faith community on one of Shalem’s Pilgrimages to a holy site, inside and outside of the US. Grounded in the Christian contemplative tradition, programs are also enriched by the wisdom of other religions and faith traditions.

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