SimpleGive: Online giving made simple

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SimpleGive is an online giving software vendor that brings technology to religious groups and other nonprofits. SimpleGive can receive donations via computers, smartphones, on-site kiosks, and text giving. The relationship between pledges and actual donations can be monitored, and both the donor and the donee can receive immediate notification when funds are exchanged. SimpleGive claims compatibility with most types of financial software, giving data can be exported to the accounting system, and financial reports are produced. SimpleGive also wants your institution to have a seamless online appearance so they produce online giving pages that correspond with your organization’s website. The company has a privacy policy, and the FAQ section of the website addresses security and liability questions. The website also has a chart that notes the attached fees. There is no set-up fee or contract to sign. An online demo is available by request via e-mail.

Curated by Janet Hoover

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