Small Church Pastor


Retired pastor Dave Jacobs has nearly thirty years of experience working with smaller congregations: “I understand the small church. . . . I understand the small church pastor.” Jacobs’ understanding and experience anchor his organization that is designed to encourage small church pastors in their lives and ministry. Jacobs provides help in various ways. He offers coaching for pastors and consulting for congregations. In both cases, Jacobs offers prospective clients a free, forty-five minute phone call prior to forming any contractual agreements. Jacobs has several free, less than five-minute coaching videos on his website and on his YouTube channel. Two free e-newsletters are available: “The Small Church Pastor” and “Going Deeper,” which is akin to a devotional. Other printed resources are available for a fee. Preaching by clergy and laity, small group leadership, and effective pastoring are three of the topics covered. Christian pastors will be most at home with Jacobs’ organization.