Small Is Big! Unleashing the Big Impact of Intentionally Small Churches

by Tony Dale, Felicity Dale, and others. Tyndale Momentum, 2011.
Large small is big

Is the small house church the “modern Reformation” of the church? Using research by George Barna and their own experience as church planters and trainers, Felicity Dale and Tony Dale conclude "Yes, yes, yes." Their strong affinity is for house churches because they believe that they are more akin to the organic, Spirit-led, relational community that is promoted and described by Jesus and the Apostle Paul throughout the New Testament. The authors’ encourage and promote lay leadership, intimate relationships, and flexible and adaptable congregations. Specific topics covered include prayer, humility, discipleship, finances, diversity, challenges, and leadership. Small Is Big is an updated version of the authors’ earlier book, The Rabbit and the Elephant (2009). It includes two new chapters. Some readers may take exception to the authors’ charismatic perspective and theology. Others may also wonder about appropriate checks and balances in the house church model. However, the ideas, rationale, and general perspective of the book will be challenging and thought-provoking for the book’s primary audience-Christian church clergy and laity.