Small Ritual

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Steve Collins. Accessed April 19, 2017.

Steve Collins is a creative thinker and artist who cares deeply about the church and its identity, theology, and future. Thus, Collins’ website explores the church from numerous angles. Among other topics, Collins covers alternative worship, music, physical space, and the church’s relationship with its local culture. Some of the material is narrative and explanatory. Other material is presented via visual arts, such as the pieces that show Jesus wearing a variety of contemporary garb. Because of the large volume of material, it takes patience to navigate the website; however, the material is unique and sometimes intentionally provocative, making it an effective catalyst to creative thinking and rousing discussions. The {{“Network church map” |}} should not be missed. It identifies a variety of circumstances that are “church,” such as “over the phone,” and “this meal is church.” This resource is appropriate for Christian clergy, educators, and lay leaders.