Spirituality, Neuroplasticity and Personal Growth

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Curt Thompson. August 22, 2013. Accessed September 12, 2017.

Christian psychiatrist and author Curt Thompson is highly respected in Christian circles for his lectures and writings which integrate faith and behavioral science. The YouTube lecture Spirituality, Neuroplasticity and Personal Growth is just one of many which instruct the audience to explore relational and psychological problem solving from the perspective of recent findings in neuroscience. Other lectures on YouTube include The Neurobiology of Shame, Vulnerability Reframed: Healing Shame & Promoting Human Flourishing, and Preaching the Gospel in the Language of Neuroscience. Thompson’s book, {{Anatomy of the Soul: Surprising Connections Between Neuroscience and Spiritual Practices That Can Transform Your Life and Relationships | https://www.amazon.com/dp/141433415X/?tag=centerforcong-20/}}, is also recommended. It balances faith and psychiatry as complementary factors in healing body, mind and spirit. The book is suggested for individuals; the YouTube lectures could easily be used in group study.