Starting Missional Churches: Life with God in the Neighborhood

(Mark Lau Branson). InterVarsity Press, 2014.

Church planters and leaders will find both information and inspiration in this guide, brought together by an experienced pastor-teacher team. While a conventional church start is often based on an attractional model offering a pre-determined menu of denominational goods and services, a missional church start approaches the neighborhood in a receptive mode. It prayerfully asks what God is doing in the local context, in order to discover and participate in “the profoundly local expressions of Jesus’ love” already at work. Featuring interviews and stories from a variety of church planting practitioners from across the country, Starting Missional Churches shares the challenges and opportunities each of these pioneers has encountered along the way to a vibrant neighborhood witness. Small groups and anyone interested in exploring ways to start congregations from the ground up can use this resource for study and action.