Starting New Initiatives: A Discernment Process

by Stephanie Lutz Allen, Edwin Andrade, and others. Presbyterian Church (USA), 2013.
Large starting new initiatives

A key role of congregational governance is to serve as a “steward of the mission.” Yet, too often, board members feel disconnected between the congregation’s primary purpose and the actual work of the board. This 116-page, downloadable workbook outlines a process of prayer, discernment, conversation, and reflection to help governing boards - and later, congregations - build the capacity to adapt to changing needs inside and outside the congregation. Each of the 18 session designs includes a purpose; a Scripture and reflection questions; discussion questions and exercises to unpack and apply the content; and a homework assignment for the next meeting. It is designed to be used within the normal flow of a governing board’s work. Written for Presbyterian Elders (“the Session”), this process is relevant to any congregation whose leaders are immersed in administration and oversight to the detriment of vision and direction. This is an excellent tool for preparing a board for a comprehensive strategic planning process.

Curator Curated by Sandra Herron

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