Staying with Conflict: A Strategic Approach to Ongoing Disputes

by Bernard Mayer. Jossey-Bass, 2009.
Large staying with conflict

This book addresses the unique challenges of enduring conflict and equips congregational leaders with tools to minimize conflict avoidance before focusing on the importance of communication and managing power differentials.

Offerings: challenges of enduring conflict, alterning the conflict narrative, focusing on functional communication, neogotiating during enduring conflict, the emotional needs that come with a long-term disupte, the role of outside consultants

Best For: clergy and lay leaders of congregations dealing with long-term conflict

Cost: purchase as a book or e-book

Suggested Uses:

  • Minimize conflict avoidance and address the issue head-on by helping people understand the nature of their specific conflict and how such conflict can create positive opportunities.
  • Discuss if your congregation may need to involve an outside consultant by sharing this book with leadership teams.

Curator Curated by Wendy McCormick

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