Stephen Ministries

St. Louis, MO. (314) 428-2600.
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Stephen Ministries is dedicated to providing resources and training for congregations to establish a ministry of care for those in the midst of crisis, grief, and other challenging life circumstances. Half-day workshops and week-long training for pastors and congregants are offered nationwide. The workshop focuses on orientation to and establishment of the ministry. The longer training, Leader’s Training Courses, teaches participants how to 1) provide care, 2) match care-givers with “hurting people,” and 3) lead the ministry. The website details locations, a sample schedule, and associated costs for both options. The organization also offers general congregational resources, though some are exclusively for participating Stephens Ministries congregations. Topics include inactive members, prayer, and encouragement. The content of a four-part series on grief can be previewed on the website and is appropriate for small groups or Sunday school classes. Stephen Ministries is for Christian congregations seeking to establish a laity-led care ministry.

Curated by Janet Hoover

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