Stewardship for Vital Congregations

by Anthony B. Robinson. The Pilgrim Press, 2011.
Large stewardship for vital congregations

The need to raise money can act as a catalyst for thinking about a congregation’s purpose. Pastor and author Tony Robinson has created a book that can be used by congregations to connect purpose and vision with stewardship, toward the goal of thriving ministry for the future. By deliberately focusing on an organization’s purpose, this model encourages congregations to seize the opportunity presented by stewardship drives, including capital campaigns. While this book is not a “how-to,” and it does not include “easy steps to congregational vitality”, it does offer practical tips and rules for evaluating stewardship needs and opportunities. It is also an excellent book for a congregation’s leaders or stewardship committee to use in considering the intersection of purpose or vision, stewardship, and the health of the congregation overall, with guided discussion questions after each section.